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Look ma, no polls!

EndorsementDB: Predicting the U.S. election without polls
By now, we know there are pitfalls to relying on opinion polls to predict elections. So what data might we use instead? This in-depth analysis presents congressional endorsements as another way to forecast results. - Data Driven Journalism

Academic Torrents
Getting your hands on interesting data can be a chore. Some clever folks at the University of Massachusetts put together a platform for distributing datasets and research papers with BitTorrent technology. - Academic Torrents

The Rhythm of Food
A downright stunning and delicious exploration of the seasonality and popularity of foods, from old favorites, like chili con carne, to obscure ones, like the humble gooseberry. Mouth watering yet? - Google News Lab and Truth & Beauty

How the Circle Line rogue train was caught with data
When a series of signal interferences led to massive disruptions on a Singapore subway line, a team of data scientists stepped in to solve the mystery… with Python! -

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